Road Widener Offset Vibratory Roller

Offset feature allows operator to stay on the road while rolling and compacting shoulders and ditches.

The Offset Vibratory Roller features a patented design that allows the operator’s machine to remain safely on a flat surface compacting road shoulders and ditches. Unlike self-propelled compaction machines and drum rollers, the Offset Vibratory Roller is never forced to be in a tipping position, increasing jobsite safety and increasing employee satisfaction and peace of mind.

  • Safest roller on the market – one-of-a kind attachment
  • Attaches to any machine via SAE quick connector
  • Requires only standard flow hydraulics
  • Remote control puts functions in the hands of the
  • Vibratory feature creates optimal compaction
  • Can roll stone, asphalt, RAP, dirt
  • Interchangeable rollers, multiple widths available
    (3 feet shown)
  • Can roll outside slope of shoulder, not just horizontal
    edges (up to 30-degree drum pivot)
  • Can be dropped down into trenches – drum goes to
    30 inches below mounting point
  • 3’ drum weight: 825 lbs. | total unit weight: 1,575 lbs.

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