Road Widener LLC Facts

Road Widener LLC designed and sells a smaller road widener to be used as a skid steer attachment or compact skid loader attachment. The machine is far more flexible and portable than standard, large road wideners. The machine lets users reduce operating costs.

The machine was designed for state and municipal highway departments, road contractors, landscapers and others who need to spread aggregate, particularly along roads where more flexibility is needed or for use in tighter conditions such as trails, paths and driveways. It also is used for trench work.

Owners of the Road Widener skid steer attachment also use the machine to spread landscaping soil and asphalt.

The patented Road Widener is manufactured in Wisconsin and sold by Road Widener, LLC, in Oconomowoc, a Milwaukee suburb, and through BT Equipment in Watertown, Wis. A nationwide dealer network is being developed.

Contact Information for Reporters, Editors

Reporters and editors seeking information on the Road Widener skid steer attachment and its use can contact Devin Wolf at 262-965-2121.